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A deeper understanding

We exist because we have identified the key barrier that prevents governments from taking urgent, planet-saving action. And we offer a way to overcome it.

It’s easy to think that those in power refuse to act out of negligence, or that corporations care more about profit than doing the right thing. But we see Destructive Global Competition as the biggest barrier to solving our problems, and the toughest hurdle to overcome.

But, together, we can defeat it.

How Destructive Global Competition works

Let’s take the example of climate change. To effectively reduce emissions, we need new laws and legislation to regulate and tax big business and force them into action. Sounds simple, but this comes with risks.

The video below explains further how Destructive Global Competition affects us all.

When companies don’t like the rules imposed on them, they simply take their business to a country where no such restrictions exist. This means that any government that acted alone would make its economy uncompetitive, driving investment and jobs to go elsewhere.

This competition to attract capital, investment and jobs is our downfall because even when governments want to act, Destructive Global Competition means they can’t.

How we can break the cycle

Moving forward means we must free governments from this destructive competition so they can focus on cooperating with all our futures in mind.

Simpol allows citizens like you to help develop policies that solve global problems. Through the way we vote we exert pressure on governments to implement these policies at the same time, on the same date, so all nations win.

There’s no force more powerful than people moving as one by using their votes, and that’s what Simpol harnesses. Protests can be ignored, but votes can't. Together, we create a citizens’ global treaty that breaks the cycle of Destructive Global Competition once and for all.

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Why we can no longer turn a blind eye

The global challenges we face are real, and getting more serious by the day. For anyone wondering if these are being exaggerated, the answer couldn’t be clearer.

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Vote like our future depends on it

The stakes have never been higher, and as a citizen, you’ve never held such power and influence. By supporting Simpol, you’re ramping up the pressure on politicians and parties to sign our pledge and implement our simultaneous policies.

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