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Simpol – The book

by John Bunzl & Nick Duffell


Humanity is failing to tackle urgent global problems like climate change, tax avoidance, mass migration and wealth inequality. Meanwhile, voters are rebelling in the form of Brexit, Trump and the rise of the Far-Right. The SIMPOL SOLUTION reasons that there is just one barrier that prevents all governments from taking action: the fear that it would make their national economies uncompetitive. No nation can move first for fear of losing jobs and investment to others.

The SIMPOL SOLUTION identifies this as ‘Destructive Global Competition’, a global vicious circle in which we’re all caught. It’s not that governments don’t want to act, but that they can’t.

Blaming governments or corporations, even protesting against social injustices, simply continues a ‘them-and-us' polarised politics that goes nowhere.

To find a way out, this book proposes an inner revolution in the way we think about and understand the world, a new more complex level of thinking that the authors call ‘world-centric’.

They outline the necessary psychological steps needed to achieve this before introducing the SIMPOL SOLUTION – a simple but effective way for citizens to democratically impel governments to cooperatively solve multiple global problems, so opening the way to a just and sustainable future.

It's ambitious and provocative. Can it work? Certainly worth a serious try.

- Noam Chomsky

Bunzl and Duffell draw on an impressive range of sources and disciplines – from political science and psychology to economics and evolutionary biology – in a highly accessible style.

- Luis Cabrera, World Government Research Network

The best thing we have, at this time, for anything resembling a genuine world governing system.

- Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

This extraordinary book lights the way forward.

- John Stewart, Author, Evolution’s Arrow

Want to read some excerpts?

You can read some passages from the book here.

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What is The Simpol Solution?

Simpol founder and co-author of The Simpol Solution gives a brief introduction to the book and why we need it.