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When solving the big issues, it’s all or nothing

Solving one problem at a time would seem like a sensible approach, but with any single issue, some countries win and others lose. This, understandably, offers little incentive to agree on joined-up action.

We believe a multi-issue approach levels the playing field. What a nation might lose on one issue, it can gain on another, and this increases the chances of international cooperation.

You can read more about this approach in our Information Pack.

Climate change

It’s universally agreed that reducing carbon emissions is key to addressing climate change, but it’s not happening quickly enough.

Destructive Global Competition is preventing governments from taking the drastic action needed, and protests just won’t solve things. We need to make action on the climate in the electoral interests of politicians all over the world, for them to act together and act now.

That’s what Simpol does, and that’s how we can drive change that will protect the planet, ourselves, our children and future generations. That’s why we need your support.

Global health pandemics

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown just how fragile national health systems are. Critical shortages of protective clothing and vital equipment has led to untold deaths and crippling economic repercussions.

It's no wonder that nations can’t afford to properly fund their public services. Destructive Global Competition means they must cut corporation tax and taxes on the rich to keep them in the country. This simply has to change.

While we can’t stop viruses, proper taxes on multinationals and an end to tax avoidance will mean nations can afford critical medical equipment and vaccines. Support Simpol to help ensure greater global cooperation and fewer lives and livelihoods lost.

Mass migration

In the Western world, immigration is a hot topic. Whether displaced by conflict, climate change or economic insecurity, the unregulated movement of people across borders drives debate in parliaments, the media and in living rooms everywhere.

Instead of debating the need for open or closed borders, we need true global cooperation. Only then can we lessen the incidences of war and support the poorest countries so their citizens can make a decent life without having to migrate.

That's what Simpol can help deliver.

Extreme wealth inequality

It’s obscene to think that 1% of the world’s population owns 44% of the wealth (according to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2019).

Extreme wealth inequality is not just a national issue, as global investors and multinational corporations move easily across borders, leaving all governments fearful of acting. In fact, this vicious circle of Destructive Global Competition often sees governments reduce taxes on the rich, which just widens the wealth gap further.

Wealth inequality is a global problem that needs a global solution. That’s what Simpol offers.

Nuclear disarmament

Wealth inequality and competition for resources creates tension and drives the need for nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. With Destructive Global Competition widening the gap between rich and poor, nations want to hang onto what they’ve got, and they use the best deterrent they know.

Of course, it would be better for us all if every country decommissioned their nuclear weapons, but no nation wants to be the first and hand others a potential military advantage.

It's here that Simpol can make a real difference. We can help citizens drive their nations to disarm for good, at the same time. The world would be a much safer place for it.

Tax Avoidance and Tax Competition

The rate of corporation tax around the world has been in steep decline – falling 37% in 37 years between 1980 and 2017. That’s great news for corporations but not for the rest of us. That’s because less tax contributions from businesses means less money that governments have to spend on public services like schools, hospitals, and public transport.

This steady drop in corporation tax is due to Destructive Global Competition. Governments are desperate to attract big businesses, so they cut corporation tax rates to lure them. One government follows another and before you know it, the tax burden shifts to those who can't move elsewhere – the poor and middle classes.

It’s this same need to stay attractive to business that sees nations turning a blind eye to tax avoidance, which again ends up impacting on us, the citizens. Only global and simultaneous action can solve these problems, and that’s why we need your support.

Financial market regulation

How do you make global financial markets democratically accountable when it’s in their culture to take big risks for even bigger profits? And how do we solve the issue of the free movement of capital making it harder for nations to introduce regulatory measures without also incurring costs?

What’s needed is global governance in the shape of global regulations decided by us citizens, not politicians. Only global and simultaneous implementation of regulations would guarantee success, and Simpol can help make this a reality.

Space Governance

More than 1,800 satellites currently orbit the Earth, providing social, scientific, strategic, and economic benefits to billions of people around the globe. It’s essential that space remains sustainable so we can continue to enjoy these benefits, but there are threats to this, such as the increasing amounts of debris in orbit.

Without cooperative global governance we’d be unable to use space for national security purposes, earth observation, telecommunications, navigation, scientific exploration, or economic development. Even human spaceflight in Earth’s orbit could end.

Space governance is an issue that can only be dealt with at a global level, which is why we need your support.

Sustainable business

We all want corporations to act responsibly and sustainably, but in a globally competitive market, this can reduce profits and put them at a disadvantage. The question becomes, can a business afford to act responsibly if competitors aren’t doing the same?

Without global regulations, even the most ethical businesses will limit their responsible choices to those that don’t undermine profits, which is why we only ever see a few companies really act sustainably if it can give them a market edge.

The only way to make ALL businesses behave responsibly and sustainably is through global regulations that require international cooperation. That’s what Simpol can deliver.

Artificial Intelligence

Like any new technology, AI can be used for good or ill. But only government regulation can eliminate the ills. The problem today is that corporations are competing destructively on AI. As the 'godfather' of AI Geoffrey Hinton said, "Google behaved very responsibly by not releasing chatbots. But ... as soon as OpenAI gave ChatGPT to Microsoft ... then Google had to put these things out there. There was no choice." 

AI is being developed by corporations in many countries. So, no government alone can regulate for fear of putting its corporations at a competitive disadvantage. AI regulation is yet another problem that can only be dealt with at a global level, which is why we need your support.

Politicians who’ve signed the pledge

Vote like our future depends on it

The stakes have never been higher, and as a citizen, you’ve never held such power and influence. By supporting Simpol, you’re ramping up the pressure on politicians and parties to sign our pledge and implement our simultaneous policies.