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We’re Simpol. With your help we CAN change the world

Simpol is not a political party – we have the potential to be far more powerful than that.

The brainchild and life’s work of John Bunzl, Simpol is a global citizens’ movement built around a simple concept; when citizens drive nations to act together at the same time, we can achieve the global collaboration needed to solve the challenges we face.

Simpol is about real-world solutions that are easy to communicate and support.

We offer:

1.A new way to understand global problems
2.A way to make international cooperation in every nation's self-interest
3.A way for citizens to decide the solutions, and
4.An electoral strategy to make it happen


We’re proof that people-power can create change

With Simpol, anyone and everyone has a role to play. Read more about the politicians that have signed up, the many thought-leaders who have endorsed the campaign, and the team behind the movement.

We’re collaborative by nature

Simpol has been collaboratively developed with politicians, academics, psychologists and supporting citizens. It's run by the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO).

We’re proudly independent

To maintain our political independence, we’re a not-for-profit organisation that accepts no financial support from for-profit entities. Funding is generated by donations from private individuals and from sales of our books and campaign merchandise.

Politicians who’ve signed the pledge

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