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Be part of the movement that governments can’t ignore

We can no longer ignore the biggest issues we face as a species. Whether it's climate or other global problems, their impact is felt by every person on the planet and governments urgently need to act. The time for collective action is now.

Simpol is an international movement – led by you, the citizens of the world – that sees global cooperation as the answer to these threats to our very existence. With Simpol, we have a new, powerful way to make governments act – a way they cannot ignore. We hope you'll join us in using it.

Our civilisation may well depend on it.

We can solve global problems

That’s a bold claim, and we’re not saying it’s easy. But we believe we have a powerful way forward.

Destructive Global Competition is stopping governments from addressing the most urgent challenges. Their fear of moving first and putting their national economies at a financial and commercial disadvantage – simply by trying to do the right thing – is stifling progress.

By agreeing to take simultaneous action - all or sufficient governments moving together - that fear, and any excuses, disappear.

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Together, nothing is too big to tackle

From nuclear disarmament and climate change to wealth inequality and global health emergencies. These issues loom over us all and are coming into sharper focus every day. No nation can solve them on their own, nor can the United Nations. But change will happen if we citizens come together.

By using our collective voting power in an imaginative new way, we’re driving politicians to adopt Simpol’s global and simultaneous approach. The solution is in our hands.

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We drive those who can act, to act

The tide of support is turning. By supporting Simpol and using its new way of voting, our supporters have already driven many politicians around the world to sign the Simpol pledge to act simultaneously. With every signature, we’re building momentum that leads to vital action.

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Vote like our future depends on it

Our vote is one of the most powerful tools we have – but it no longer feels like it. We demand action but governments don’t act. Why? Destructive Global Competition prevents them from implementing the policies needed to solve global problems. That’s why, whoever gets elected, nothing much changes and our problems get worse. So we need a new way of voting. One that offers a potent and powerful tool for global justice.


National party politics won't solve global problems

Voting for this or that party won't solve global problems. So we need to use our votes to drive the politicians of all parties to support Simpol. 

By joining Simpol you’re telling politicians that you'll be giving strong preference at all future national elections to politicians or parties who support Simpol, to the probable exclusion of those who don't. In that way, politicians who fail to support Simpol risk losing votes - and possibly their seats - to those who do. As our numbers grow, this creates a 'domino effect' on politicians: when one politician confirms their support, others have little choice but to follow. That's how we've already driven these politicians to support the campaign.

By supporting Simpol, we’re ramping up the pressure on politicians and parties to sign our pledge and implement the simultaneous policies we need. The stakes have never been higher, and as a citizen, you’ve never held such power and influence. We invite you to use it.

Play it and Share it!

Join the citizen’s movement for change by playing Global Justice for Grown Ups, a microlearning game about global cooperation on global issues.

Available on mobile devices, this game is a fun and interactive way to learn about and support global justice. Play it and share it with your friends to make a positive impact on the world!

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Sept. 2020: First Danish MP signs the Pledge!

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Susanne Zimmer MP (Independent) has become the first Danish MP to sign the Simpol Pledge.

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