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About Simpol

Simpol - the Simultaneous Policy - was launched in 2000 by businessman John Bunzl as a solution to solve the world’s global problems. It is run by the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO). Since it was founded, Simpol has been collaboratively developed with politicians, academics, psychologists and supporting citizens.

Why a Simultaneous Policy?

If problems like climate change, wealth inequality and insecurity are global, we believe the solutions to them should be too.

At the moment, we don’t have any truly global solutions. Instead, we rely on national governments to come up with the answers to these problems, but little is getting done. Why? Because national governments are stuck in a cycle of making choices and policies that focus on keeping their economies competitive.

Any country acting alone to solve global issues takes a risk - to be an economic loser in a competition where winning is the only option.

This is how our problems get worse - leaders setting taxes and standards lower to attract borderless capital - all in a bid to stay ‘internationally competitive’. They race to the bottom, and our problems continue to grow.

To fix our world, we need to step forward together - simultaneously, starting today. 

Our solution is Simpol - the Simultaneous Policy - a range of policies to solve global problems together, at the same time, on the same date.

Simpol means we can tackle all our problems - climate change, tax regulation, wealth inequality - for everyone’s benefit. If countries act simultaneously, they can avoid being the loser who acts alone. If they work on solving multiple issues instead of just one, they can balance the costs of one issue with the gains from another.

Simpol is about going from destructive global competition to truly global cooperation.

To make it happen, we run campaigns in countries around the world that give citizens the power to compel their leaders to implement Simpol through the vote. You can support Simpol by signing up as a supporter, or read on to learn more about destructive global competition and why Simpol is the answer.

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Failed Copenhagen climate talks, 2009. [Photo: Diana Trimble]
Gap between rich and poor has grown faster in Britain than in any other developed country. [Daily Telegraph, Dec. 2011]
Austerity riots in Spain, 2012.